Richard Decker has a Masters in Criminal Justice, (MSCJ), and is a Ph.D. candidate at Capella University (expected 2020). Mr. Decker, MSCJ  explains "I use my education and 20 years of experience as a former Criminal Defense Investigator to explore sociological and criminological issues. In a talk, Mr. Decker stated, "I believe in taking a global interdisciplinary approach to understanding the issues concerning our criminal justice system and society by reviewing social behaviors, and social attitudes we can identify the cause of our negative social identity."  

About the CEO
Mr. Decker is the CEO, and Senior Consultant at Decker Criminology Advisors, located in Charleston, SC. Mr. Decker collaborates throughout the United States and internationally on criminal justice issues and social issues, offering opinions on group-think / gang mentality, criminal case evaluations, opinions (profiling) crime scenes and authorship collaborations.

Ph.D. Research
Mr. Decker's research includes group-think and behaviors, restorative justice, post-traumatic growth in police officers and offenders, criminal profiling, officer-involved shootings, policing the mentally ill and overcriminalization in society.

Projects and Affiliations
Mr. Decker is a collaborative author for the criminal justice, law enforcement, and corrections encyclopedia being published by ABC-CIO in 2020. Mr. Decker is also part of a collaborative author and project effort in London, on global criminology and investigative standards for private investigators. He has affiliations with these organizations: the Kenya Professional Society of Criminology, the Southern Criminal Justice Association, the American Society of Criminology, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society and the Southern Sociological Society.

About the Company
Through his consulting firm Decker Criminology Advisors, Mr. Decker advises on Group-think and behaviors, offering opinions on Crime Scenes, and Defense Investigations. Mr. Decker is available as an advisor to a defense team, for case summaries, evaluating crime scenes and for lecturing. Mr. Decker also, mentors’ new investigators aspiring to conduct criminal defense investigations as part of services offered by their agency. His company website is below as well as his email link.

Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-socio-criminologist

Author page on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0762DWWYK

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