DDR  Public Relations -- Strategic Public Relations & Brand Identity

Our public relations campaigns build brand and buzz.  We believe that a successful public relations campaign is one that can bridge brand positioning, traditional media, social media, face-to-face business connections, community relations and special events. Whether you have a new product or need to breathe life into an older one, are a new business or an established organization -- a campaign that includes the best of strategic thinking and branding, and which uses the most current and effective marketing tools can make all the difference in your ROI.  By focusing on defining your identity and fusing traditional media relations with cutting edge social media, we produce results that are measurable and can make positive changes to your overall bottom line.

We offer the following services as part of our strategic public relations campaigns:

Defining new images
Repositioning campaigns
Writing press releases, brochures, annual reports and other collaterals
Special Events
Seminars and speaking opportunities
Press Conferences
Media Tours
Media Trainings that are measurable and can make positive changes to your overall bottom line.

Traditional Media Relations

We have an established network of top media contacts developed over two decades.  Our record of success is exceptional for generating coverage of our clients in major media outlets throughout the U.S.  From segments on the Today Show to features in The New York Times, we have long-standing media relationships at all levels.  We work these connections to secure coverage that fits with your strategic objectives. We know what it takes to create innovative news angles and stories that get your message heard and  that positions you front, center and way ahead of the competition.  

Social Media

We take a holistic approach to using social media tactics, techniques, networks and tools in our public relations campaigns. We effectively “continue the conversation” initiated by our traditional media relations activities and go on to build a deeper sense of brand loyalty through a multi-tiered dialogue with your customers. With an ever-growing list of social media tools available, we work to establish which technologies work best for individual campaigns. The following are among the social media tools we can utilize to help you achieve your individual goals:

Social Networks
Online Survey

Nonprofits and Cause Marketing/Corporate-CSR

We are passionate about our work for nonprofit organizations and truly enjoy spreading the word about all they do to change and improve lives. We are proud of our campaigns which contribute to their efforts and help to make a difference. We feel privileged to help these incredible organizations in the work they do to help others.

We are also thrilled by our role in creating successful partnerships between the “for profit” businesses and nonprofit organizations. Cause marketing and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs have become an integral part of every business marketing campaign.  It no longer depends on the size of your business or the state of the economy. Every successful business is also a good neighbor and can demonstrate this by developing a solid partnership with a charity or cause. At the height of the recession last year, there was a reported increase in cause marketing partnerships that involved small and mid-sized companies. Our cause marketing campaigns are crafted to engage the community and to ultimately build invaluable brand loyalty -- particularly among the people who matter most to your business. Our passion for these programs comes shining through as many of our cause marketing campaigns have received awards and widespread recognition.

Crisis Management and Crisis Communications

Every business and organization will face a crisis at some point.  Even what you may consider a “simple misstep” could end up on the front page of the newspaper.  Then comes the countless calls from reporters, as well as a barrage of unannounced visits from the local TV stations.  An effective crisis communications strategy can make all the difference and can put out the fire quickly and effectively. A crisis doesn’t have to damage your reputation or become a public relations disaster if managed with experience and with the right strategies in place. We have received awards for our crisis management campaigns that effectively turned a crisis situation into the greatest opportunity to expand public awareness and even boost public perception.