Just 24 hours after launching on Kickstarter, D-ONE, the innovative, lightweight device which uses nanosuction technology to securely hold a wide range of mobile devices, has already reached five per cent of funding out of its total goal of GBP 35,000.

D-ONE is the first product conceptualised by design company DE51GN, a company that specialises in designing and producing products which revolutionise the way we use modern technology.

Director of DE51GN, Kevin Cole said: “The idea first came to me when lying in bed after a long day’s work, when I was using my tablet device to watch the one of the latest movies. The problem I faced was that I just wanted to lie down and watch the movie! I was getting tired of holding the device up, trying to lean it against pillows and continue to move from side to side as my arms got tired.

So I created the D-ONE, an innovative, lightweight device utilising the latest nano-suction technologies to solve this problem, and alleviate many other annoyances of using a tablet device in the process.”

The D-ONE is not only useful when lying in bed watching movies, reading books, or even playing games – it can also connect to surfaces such as your office desk (if you want a multiscreen setup), conference rooms (if you don’t want the hassle of using a large projector for a smaller audience), or you can even connect it to a bathroom surface and watch it while in the bath.

It's fully flexible, has the ability to tilt, swivel, and change the angle to suit you, or your partner / audience. It also has a wide ranging clamp to securely fit to thousands of surfaces.

D-ONE has been designed by a team of expert product designers and consultants in Germany and Product Design and Engineering Consultants from the UK (www.mesodesign.com).

For more information, or to back the project, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497165763/d-one-changing-the-way-you-work-play-and-relax