DGWA, the German Institute for Asset and Equity Allocation and Valuation, is your partner for the European Financial Markets – known and respected as one of the leading German Corporate Boutiques for global small and mid-cap consulting and investments.

We build solid, substantial and comprehensive bridges for listed and non-listed companies to investors, financial institutions and multipliers like press and media and offer finest financial engineering solutions, tailor-made for our clients.

DGWA’s management team runs a 25-year track record in trading, investing and analysing SME’s around the world. It has been so far involved in over 250 IPO’s, financings, bond issues, dual listings and corporate finance transactions as well as corresponding road shows and awareness campaigns.

We are based in Frankfurt, home of the European Central Bank, centre of Europe’s financial activities and neighbours with various leading and specialized financial institutions – located in the heart of Europe and easily accessible via one of the largest airports in the world.