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DIVADEVA chemists create formulas to work like no other on the market, all the products perform
exactly as we claim. “Reverse” Instant Wrinkle Remover visibly lessens the appearance of fine lines,
wrinkles and expression lines, and firms sagging skin on face and neck. No gimmicks just products
that perform. Restore, softens fine lines and wrinkles using the latest peptide technology while
hydrating the skin, you see results within one week. Power Peptide Serum adds a peptide and
hydration boost to your anti-aging regime - clinical studies reveal that when used for 30 days you will
see a 25% reduction of fine lines and increased hydration and elasticity.
DIVADEVA Anti Aging Technology in Harmony with Nature, our latest innovation "The Apple
Collection" consists of Plant Stem Cell Serum (derived from apples), Apple glycolic cleanser and Apple
Scrub with amber exfoliating grains. The beginning of the biggest breakthrough in Beauty!!
The DIVADEVA Concept was created by Cathy Cobetti-Goff and partner David Goff. Together they have
over 35 years of Beauty Industry and International Business experience. As a Company we strive to
create innovative Anti-Aging Clinical Skin Care Solutions.
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