Dixe Sweeping Service has been incorporated for over 40 years.  During this time, Dixe Sweeping has become a fixture in the landscape of Central New York.  The amount of linear feet of parking lot paint we have applied numbers in the millions and our sweepers have driven tens of thousands of miles across hundreds of local small and large businesses as well as many factories and industrial sites.  DIXE trucks are seen everywhere from our small villages to the main streets of Syracuse and neighboring cities.

Dependability, longevity, consistency, outstanding quality and customer service, trust, confidence, and  know-how characterizes how we operate.  We know products, services, and application methods.  We are not only concerned with your pavement, we’re focused on your business.  No nonsense and demanding entrepreneurs, managers, corporate executives, engineers, real estate professionals, maintenance supervisors, construction and site superintendents who want the job done right  call us for a worry free experience.