How to Lower Your Energy Bill Through Alternative Energy Sources!
Live off-grid by using Wind Power and Solar Panel Systems!

Suddenly, alternative energy sources like solar panels and wind generators are receiving a new focus. It is now possible to build your own renewable solar energy system for $200 or less and reduce your electric bill by as much as 95%.
Any discussion about the economy today quickly turns to the high cost of fuel and energy. Not only are we concerned about the costs but we are increasing aware of the growing inability of the public utilities to provide a consistent and reliable energy source. With new technology and innovations, alternative energy options are becoming more and more viable and are providing cost effective solutions to homeowners. Tap into our research and experience to see how it can work for you!

Here are additional reasons for considering Alternative Wind and Solar Renewable energy sources.

Save money on your power bill every month.- This has to be everybody’s dream…

Live Green - Energy from the Sun and Wind is “Green Energy”. Concern for our environment is more important than ever before.

Personal Security- There is a sense of empowerment in being able to generate your own electric power. You and your family are safe and unaffected by storm related outages or “brown-outs”.

Possible Source of Revenue – By meeting certain standards, it is possible to generate excess energy that you will “sell” to utility companies.

Build off the Grid – There is great freedom in realizing that you are not restricted by location if you want to build a home anywhere. (Remember that Island Paradise home you want to build? Mountain Cabin?)

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