Distance Learning Engineering (DLE) is a registered Maryland corporation operating in the Washington metropolitan area, and offers consulting services, learning products, and education technology to organizations in (or servicing) the higher ed. industry.

The classroom has changed. Distance Learning, also known as distance education or e-learning/eLearning, is a teaching and learning approach delivered using remote technology. Unlike synchronous learning in traditional classrooms, the asynchronous interactive nature of distance learning is more inclusive for both faculty and students. Distance learning is also less expensive to support then traditional classrooms. Numerous studies indicate that Distance Learning can be as effective, or even more effective, when compared to traditional learning. When an educational institution or corporate learning department teaches material at a distance, a key consideration is whether the Distance Learning approach has been optimally engineered. This requires innovative technology, exceptional course design, relevant course content, and noteworthy engagement by the faculty member.

Distance Learning Engineering specializes in providing consulting to ensure your educational institution or corporate learning department is using a Distance Learning approach that is engineered to be successful in meeting your organization’s objectives.