D.L. Steiner, Inc. is a full-service electrical engineering consulting firm, specializing in the design and maintenance of power generation and distribution systems to serve the energy needs of today's businesses. With more than two decades of professional consulting experience, our vision is to be the first electrical engineering firm business and industry turn to for total electrical power solutions: electrical systems that are well designed, reliable, energy efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible. D.L. Steiner's services consist of:

● Engineering and related disciplines -- design (new and retrofit); project administration; and CAD.

● Power quality services -- power and load studies; power factor analysis, correction, and filtering; disturbance and harmonic analysis; reliability analysis; and power metering for demand control.

● Energy management services -- utility coordination and usage; monitoring, control, and automation; energy conservation and efficiency studies (including lighting audits); and energy system integration.

● Electrical safety services, featuring arc flash analysis -- safety studies (short circuit, protective device coordination, arc flash hazard); electrical hazard safety labeling (of devices); electrical safety training; safety audits; safety policies and procedures development.

D.L. Steiner also offers a broad range of electrical maintenance, safety, and education products:

● ReBEEMS -- An Internet-based software program that helps. D.L. Steiner clients effectively manage their electrical predictive/preventive maintenance (EPPM) and safety programs in order to meet NFPA 70B and 70E. ReBEEMS makes all data related to these programs available online, 24/7.

● Electrical personal protective equipment (PPE) -- Fire-retardant garments; arc flash suites, hoods, and face shields; and voltage-rated gloves and tools.

● Electrical safety educational resources - "Electrical Safety in the Workplace -- The NFPA 70E and You!" DVD and workbook; and NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2009 Edition.

With D.L. Steiner’s years of field-proven experience, clients can count on an electrical system that will work the way they want it to, today and as needs change in the future.