D-Life is a Triple Changemaker, providing competitive insurance coverage rates, proper coverage, financial literacy, & revenue generation for the City of Detroit-Rest Insured.

D-Life is a new unique insurance exchange tailored for Detroit residents and businesses. D-Life has a focus of helping to lower the costly rates of insurance the City of Detroit carries. D-Life is an insurance exchange specifically for Detroit residents and business owners-decreasing the uninsured percentage in the City, while attracting more potential residents and business owners to the City to live and work. With the insurance exchange, D-Life can help save Detroiters up to 54% in their annual insurance rates.

D-Life also has two other brands: D-Life H20, a social enterprise where a percentage of its sale proceeds provide water ionizers for low income households affected by the Flint Water Crisis.

Its third brand- D-Life Institute, is a not for profit that provides free financial literacy workshops for Detroiters that targets the uninsured and low income areas.

More information can be accessed at www.dlifedetroit.com