Record your music tracks in a high-quality professional studio run by an award-winning staff for only $35/hr!

We are delighted to announce the opening of a fresh recording option in Denver. The Recording Studio at Denver Media Center brings together audio and video engineering at its best.

Are you looking to record a radio-ready album? How about a fantastic sounding demo? Voice over? Music video? The Denver Media Center can cater to all of your recording needs!

Denver Media Center, a sub-corporation of Yellow Gal High Definition, was founded in 2009 to provide high quality video services, and has since become an Emmy-award-winning industry leader in the production of local on-site television programming, bragging clients like 9 News, Rocky mountain PBS, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, Channel 7 News, and Paramount Pictures.

YGHD-produced programming can be seen in several major television markets such as Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, and Minneapolis... and is on target to have local shows in America’s top 30 TV markets by 2015.

While expanding it's reach beyond Colorado, these professionals retain a vision for a recording studio to help meet the needs of Denver's array of musicians and audio production division to serve the business community. The launching of the Recording Studio at Denver Media Center at 3855 S Broadway in Englewood, CO in 2013 is making that vision a reality.

Whether you’re looking to record a song, music album, or voice-over — OR produce a commercial, television show, or music video —  the Recording Studio at Denver Media Center can help you create a high-quality product on an amazingly surprising budget.

Utilizing up-to-date software to achieve acoustic excellence, the staff at the Recording Studio at Denver Media Center are equipped to capture the sound quality you're looking for. All staff are musicians themselves and understand the passion of musicians to capture emotion and excellence.

When you listen to music recorded at the Recording Studio at DMC, you will hear tight, punchy drums, ripping synths, powerful guitars and hard hitting bass. The staff have an insatiable desire for sound quality, and they know how to get it.

You'll find your studio experience to be enjoyable from beginning to end as directed by professional and caring engineers and producers who aspire to bring out the very best of what’s in the heart of every unique artist, no matter the genre.

And just for fun, enjoy a bright playful atmosphere with a lime green, black and red color scheme. Utilize the foosball table, large screen TV, Internet, or DJ station while waiting for fellow band-members to complete their portion of the project.

The main live room is moderately large, with high ceilings, and is home to a Hammond B3 organ, a Steinway piano, and a quality drum set. The funky vibe and acoustical precision of this space continues into the Control Room.  The isolation booth with acoustical treatment covered with wispy metallic fabric provides additional inspiring atmosphere.

The engineers and producers at the Recording Studio at DMC have backgrounds in genres ranging from EDM to Christian Post-Hardcore to jazz and black gospel, and are notorious for pushing the boundaries of musical styles and blending genres.

Overall, the Recording Studio at DMC is a an excellent recording option with surprisingly affordable pricing, currently $35 per hour.

For photos, audios, and more information, visit www.denvermediacenter.com or call 872.9993 and ask for the studio manager, Taylor Burg.