Pursuing "Architecture as a Product," DeMaria Design is a creative and innovative design firm, offering architecture, planning and interior design services. Consulting and collaborating with fellow design professionals complimented with forging new avenues in the world of prefab design, fabrication and construction have brought the company to the forefront of urban housing solutions.

Our clients are bold, diverse and innovative - each seeking to define, explore, identify and/or present their own creative business culture or personal lifestyles through art and architecture.

We explore disciplines and successful models/case studies from beyond the boundaries of architecture. We team with experts, public and private entities and educational institutions, from various fields in an unrelenting collaborative design process. Through collaboration, exploration, experimentation, re-adaption and fabrication, our hybrid design solutions surface from a combination of non-traditional models.

Our creative work focuses on heterogeneous relationships – hybridism among culture, craft, material, form, function, technology and most importantly, people. Each of these elements serves in some capacity as a catalyst for positive change in our physical environment. Committed to an environmentally conscious design palette, our studio is in a perpetual evolutionary state, unencumbered by historical prejudice/ mimicry.