Chicago gets its first-ever Digital Marketing Financial Summit in Chicago.
DMFS from Toronto and New York makes its way to the Mid-West, Chicago.

Finally, one of North America’s largest and longest-running digital marketing event in financial services is taking place in Chicago (venue to be determined) on September 17 – 18, 2019. Being the 10th Annual DMFS conference, Chicago will get the chance to stay ahead of the digital revolution with our engaging, results-boosting marketing strategies for maximum sales and customer conversions! Get ready for two days of learning from financial services marketing trendsetters.

Drive conversions, create loyalty, and maintain your competitive edge through:

•     Automated solutions
•     New social media tools
•     Voice commerce and SEO
•     Fresh, relevant content
•     Blended data analytics
•     Personalized engagement
•     C-suite investment
•     Network with the brightest minds in digital financial marketing.

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