Disability Network/Wayne County-Detroit is a Consumer driven organization and a voice in the
community that works to develop the ability of people with disabilities to live as independently as they
choose. We believe that people with disabilities should have the ability to be included in everyday life.
To make this happen, we advocate for people with disabilities and encourage them to form a unified
voice to minimize barriers that prevent independence.

We do these things because we believe that all people are equal. As human beings, people with
disabilities deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Also, each person with a disability should
have equal access to all parts of the community in which they live. Educating and connecting people to
resources while advocating social change and our vision is a community that values disability as human
diversity, free of attitudinal barriers, where all people benefit with full access and inclusion.
We, Disability Network/Wayne County-Detroit, will organize voices, advocate for people with disabilities
and work to protect the rights of all people with disabilities in the communities that we serve.