At DPS, we specialize in both BPO & KPO Services. They are both B2B Models, and can be differentiated in the following manner:

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is the corporate term used for hiring a 3rd party with a specialty in a work area to perform routine duties within their specific niche. In most cases, businesses choose to outsource tasks that are outside the core focus of their primary service. Examples of BPO services are: Accounting, Formatting, Archiving, IT Maintenance, Software Development (to automate internal processes) & Maintenance, Floor plan Constructions, Data Conversions, etc.

KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) is the term used for hiring a 3rd party to grow your Business idea. It is a relatively new model, but has accrued quite some interest over the last decade as businesses in declining economies are looking to cut costs. KPO models usually comprise of a Business entity working in conjunction with an International Facility to manage end-to-end internal service needs, by training members in a variety of specialty areas to manage domains within their enterprise. The KPO model’s foundation is reliant on a long-term partnership, where both the contractor and the buyer work closely together to deliver a primary service to the client.

DPS’ Primary Service areas are:

•Business Staffing
•Data Conversions
•Software Development
•Website Solutions

We understand that every Business’ needs vary, and we invite you to read through our Case Studies to learn more about how we customize our solutions to the individual client’s needs, or contact us >> to speak to one of our Business Consultants, who are trained to educate you on both models, as we treat each client with the same precision and detail one would use in a science/ technical project.