Designer Rug Warehouse's core focus is to create a distinctive store experience that satisfies both the rational and emotional decorating needs of its customers by offering them fresh ideas and inspiration for d├ęcorating with style, including professional decorating tips and exciting selection of new style area rugs, modern rugs, traditional rugs & casual rug designs combined with the convenience and value they desire.

With so many rug stores to choose from, you may wonder why buy from us? We help our clients to understand mysteries of area rugs with a rug education. And then, we provide rug solutions to our customers that are focused on their best interests. We don't hide our prices. We are engaged in open and ethical marketing practices. All advertising materials are clear, straightforward, and truthful, in-store advertising signage will disclose the actual everyday prices for the rugs and services offered. There is no mystery here.

We have steadily grown our designer rug business over the last 5 years.  From this solid and successful foundation, we plan to continue serving as a major area rug store of Atlanta.   What this means for you is we are a rug store committed to growing our company and will continue to be around to meet all your area rug needs - Our Customers Tell It All.

Our store is approximately 10,000 square feet, with over 90% of total square footage used as displaying space. Over 6,000 rugs in more than 1,500 area rugs are displayed on the rug racks, compared to a significantly smaller rugs offering at typical rug stores. Our store feature self-service rug fixtures that allow customers to view, touch, and learn about the rug without relying on salespeople to check price and availability. Our rugs have clear signage, and well-trained sales associates are available to assist customers as desired. New area rugs are organized by style and size on the main floor, and special buy and/or clearance rugs are organized by size in the front of the store. The store layout allows customers who do not have time for relaxed browsing to swiftly identify the rug styles and sizes they are seeking and shop in a targeted, time-efficient manner.