DSPanel Performance Canvas is a complete information synthesis solution. Our software enables you to quickly gather data, measure results, analyze problems and plan for the future. Our next-generation Business Intelligence package, designed for Web, Mobile and Embedded use features:

Self-service Mashboards - BI designed with the business user in mind. Now you can the utilize data not only inside your organization but from the outside as well!

Advanced Visualizations - using Canvas technology you can display your information in a variety of different ways on multiple platforms, including your mobile phone. Giving you the power to display information where and when you need it most!

Planning Made Easy - with our new Canvas Planning add-on you can make important decisions about the future of your organization quickly and with the most accurate data right from Excel!

Next Generation Embedding Technology - our software can be embedded right in systems and software you already use! Combine data from Microsoft, IBM, SAP and the Web using MDX, SQL and SPARQL.

An Easy To Use Interface - Download our trial version today and start bringing the power of BI into your business decisions. Our software is designed with the business user in mind. This means minimal involvement from IT and specialists.