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Guardus focuses on organizations who value quality. Our personnel in Germany, Romania, and Canada help our customers achieve their goals in production management and quality control.

The Guardus Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a computerized solution for the management and efficient control of decentralized production units and organizational structures. This translates into increasing production floor transparency and productivity by integrating key components such as:
 • Computer Aided Quality (CAQ),
 • Quality Management Systems (QMS)  
 • Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)
 • User Data Acqusition (UDA)
 • Traceability, and
 • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

GUARDUS solutions provide homogeneous platforms for the integrated collection, visualization and management of all quality and production data. This increases productivity by reducing the amount of time required to collect, enter and re-enter data. Relevant information is provided to every system user in real time and is easily processed for operational control and analysis.

The result is consistent and current production and quality performance indicators from the manufacturing floor to the executive offices.

What makes Guardus a great solution for your company?  

 • We understand that your good reputation is a key element in your business success
 • We help you vigilantly control quality to maintain and enhance your good reputation
 • We help you control quality with up-to-the minute information from all of your production resources .

GUARDUS Solutions AG is a collection of quality managements systems to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and, therefore, profitability. GUARDUS Systems let you keep the money you have already earned.

With more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise, GUARDUS has acquired a solid name in quality and production management in the industrial production environment.

Major international companies have built their success using the GUARDUS™ MES Manufacturing Execution System.  

Our system allows you to deliver complex development projects on time and within budget. The system accelerates total lead-time and inventory wait time to reduce stock, while guaranteeing optimum quality and customer satisfaction.

To do this, our MES solution integrates the best features of Computer Aided Quality and production data collection into one centralized system.  

GUARDUS optimizes the entire manufacturing process by decreasing error rates and production costs: from development, supply and production through to supplier coaching, complaint management and audits, not to mention centralized action management.

Our system also integrates all relevant data from measurement and testing systems, production facilities, and ERP and PPS applications to accelerate total lead-time and inventory turnover.

The result is seamless quality assurance through every phase of the product life cycle.

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