Filmmakers often face the problem of losing their films in a crowd of others after uploading them to the Internet. Launched six months previously, Daazo has worked out a system of giving filmmakers a chance of having 24 hours in the spotlight. After uploading a short film users are given the opportunity to select a date on which their movie will appear on the main page. This system allows filmmakers to plan the distribution of their works and promote them via this short film community site.

Daazo also entertains film fans by presenting professional, award-winning short fims and users are encouraged to screen their work in this quality environment.  Most of these shorts are appearing online for the first time and are free to view. Daazo aims to be the European centre for short films by creating a database of the best professional and semi-professional works.

Central-European based was launched six months ago for filmmakers and film lovers. Daazo provides filmmakers with the opportunity to expose their productions to an audience of film lovers that includes producers and film festival organisers. Daazo connects new films with their intended audience who can then provide much needed feedback. Over the past few months, Daazo has achieved its aim of enabling many young filmmakers to distribute their artworks successfully.

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