Daden Limited specialise in delivering innovative solutions in immersive learning, building visualisation, visual analytics and creating interactive virtual personalities (chatbots). Daden’s national and international clients range from the private sector to central and local government, education, public safety, health and with almost two dozen universities.

Daden’s national and international clients range from the private sector to central and local government, education, public safety, health including the Ministry of Defence, the City of New York, Birmingham City Council and almost two dozen universities in the UK and abroad.

Daden are now one of the best regarded solution providers and one of the largest company of its type in the UK. They have a good reputation within the broader virtual worlds industry. Founded in 2004 by David Burden, Daden are based at Birmingham Science Park Aston, in Birmingham UK.

Daden are members of Intellect, the Trade Association for the UK Technology Industry and also recently became members of BAE System’s Investment in Innovation programme. Daden was a double prize-winner in the US Government’s Federal Virtual World Challenge in March 2010.

Daden specialise in providing immersive 3D collaborative environments for:

-  immersive visual analytics (data visualisation - collaborative analysis)
- immersive learning
- 3D Security
- interactive virtual assistants (chatbots)

Managers, users and especially analysts are being faced with increasing amounts of information on which to base decisions. Information visualisation is a powerful way to try and manage this problem, but even that encounters problems when limited to 2D visualisations. Moving to 3D dimensions can help, but often users encounter problems with orientation and recall since the 3D interface is so different to their normal expectations.

With Datascape we enable users to not only visualise and interact with data in 3D, but also feel immersed in that data, which helps with orientation and recall, supporting better analysis and decision making, and improving recall and collaboration.

Immersive environments and virtual worlds are powerful places in which to learn. They offer a unique environment to support learning, training and education. Using them can help increase understanding and retention and save time and cost through remote learning.

Immersive 3D simulations and exploratory learning spaces are suitable for student education and employee training. Accessible 24/7 from virtual worlds or directly from the web, scenarios and incidents to be as realistic as you need them to be – including integrating media resources such as video’s, audio, photos, maps and real life data and information into the simulations/scenarios. Using chatbot technology you can also create “non player characters” to interact with the learners or to take part in the simulation (e.g. act as patients, wounded, lecturers, customers etc).

Most surveillance and incident command and control systems use 2D maps to represent the target environment and to display key assets (e.g. cameras and people) and overlays (e.g. camera fields of view, sterile areas etc.). Using immersive 3D visualisation systems it is now feasible to augment the 2D view with a 3D view.

By providing access to a 3D model of the environment the operator can get a more visceral sense of the environment, enabling them not only to respond better themselves, but also to better appreciate what operatives on the ground are seeing to.

Chatbots use natural language (and text to speech technology) to talk to and engage visitors to your website. They provide a cost effective way to provide 24 hour support to people who want answers and need help finding the relevant information, freeing up your overstretched human resources to answer more complex questions. Chatbots can help you build a relationship with every single visitor – encouraging return visits, sales and referrals.

Daden chatbots provide an easy to use, friendly, engaging and memorable customer experience, at a low cost. And with our easy-to-use Discourse chatbot authoring tool you can reduce costs even further by building and managing your chatbot yourself.