“Two Faces” This is what 500 hrs of airbrush on 1 painting looks like.
San Diego Ca USA Dec. 10,2011
Welcome to the hyper-detailed world of “Two Faces”. An original painting created by Chris Elliman. For three months straight Elliman powered through the rendering of “Two Faces” . This airbrush painting is a diptych which is two pieces that work together or apart. At first glance and from a distance you might see the face of a man and a woman. Upon closer inspection you realize the faces are made up of other people, places and things. Hundreds of characters living their lives in this strange and detailed world. This painting cannot be passed by easily, there is just too much to take in. Everything under the sun is in this masterpiece and intertwined in its many bays, hills, and beaches. Towering buildings, highways, and landscapes weave together to render the very large faces. Elliman is a self taught artist and entrepreneur with countless commissions in private collections from California to Japan. His latest series titled DUALISEE, is all about detail and images made from other objects and is working in the next piece now. “Two Faces”, the first in the series is ready for its close up and is about to be turned into a long run poster. With consumer confidence for online shopping becoming prevalent, so is crowd funding and pre-purchased goods and services creating a new medium of support! This painting is becoming a poster with the help of kickstarter.com Become a collector of “Two Faces” and enjoy years of discovery and visual delights.
Chris Elliman
1676 Main st.
San Diego, Ca 92113