1.DailyDAC.com provides subscribers, most of whom are private equity and family office professionals, with actionable intelligence regarding opportunities to purchase and invest in private companies.

2.Financial Poise produces webinars for three different audiences: (1) attorneys and other trusted advisors, (2) business owners and C-level executives, and (3) accredited investors (as that term is defined by U.S. securities law).

3.Accredited Investor Markets (AIMkts) offers education and information to accredited investors about five asset classes: private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, tangible assets, and pre-IPO shares.

4.Business Law Dumbed Down is a group of websites designed to offer practical and useful information, in plain English, to business owners, C-level executives, businesses intermediaries (investment bankers and business brokers), and their respective trusted advisors (accounts, attorneys, and consultants). BLDD's first three websites are: www.commercialbankruptcyalternatives.com; www.commercialbankruptcyinvestor.com; and www.commercialbankruptcylitigation.com.

5.DailyDAC's Book Publishing Division is currently working with authors on its first four books, two of which will be published in 2014 and two of which will be published in 2015. The Book Publishing Division leverages off of its relationships with DailyDAC's contributors to bring to market plain English reference books about topics of interest to its core audiences.