Dairy Machinery Review (DMR) has been established to provide the industry with an unique, one-stop platform to allow dairy producers to make more educated decisions when purchasing machinery.

As the leading online portal for everything dairy related, Dairy Machinery Review allows producers to read and create machinery reviews, learn about the machines and their technical capabilities, discover the background and ambitions of the manufacturer, and then make an educated judgement as to how well it may, or may not, suit their business and production requirements.

As part of the ‘DMR community’ producers have instant access to over 1,500 machines from more than 150 manufacturers all around the world - figures that will only continue to expand as new machines are released or as per requests from the community.  

Producers can also catch-up on the latest news in the Butter, Cheese, Ice Cream, Milk and Yogurt industries, read media press releases, discover all upcoming exhibitions from around the world, find new careers or post job opportunities, as well as buy and sell secondhand machinery, all of which is completely free of charge.