Dais World is a News Media platform uniquely built on the base of Media Technology leveraging its capability to disseminate smart, meaningful News Content across media to its users within a matter of minutes.

Meant for English-literate Indian News Reading audiences, Dais World has quickly gained traction amongst its target audiences who come to the platform to read and be rewarded for this habit. The app crossed 17000 users within a span of 10 months of launch, proving that such innovations were essential in the News Media Industry.

While quality News content keeps the information-seeking audiences engaged, the rewards excite the thrill-seeking gamers who come to the platform to read and win at the same time. The readers on Dais World are a varied bunch - Students studying for competitive examinations, Professionals preparing for upcoming interviews, Retired individuals seeking to make a switch from print to digital without compromising on the authenticity and veracity of the content, Busy Entrepreneurs seeking on-tap information while they commute or are between meetings and so on.

The team is a vivid mix of Experience and Enthusiasm – Senior editors, journalists and content curators work round-the-clock to ensure only time-valued quality News content gathered from over 552 publishers worldwide, reaches the reader’s eyes. Subject matter experts and qualified professionals partner with Dais World to spread their knowledge in the form of special Features. Passionate and curious young guns bring visual appeal, offbeat information and youthful zest to the platform, augmenting Dais World’s appeal to readers of all ages.

The incumbents in the News Industry seem to be functioning within set contours of journalism and are finding it difficult to break out of their age-inept models while the challengers are busy chasing virality at the cost of quality journalism. Dais World is standing at a sweet spot of creating a unique breakthrough in:

A News and Content platform built on the future-ready Media Technology foundation that has been gamified to make it everything a digital-ready reader would need to stay updated.