Daisy Moon Books is an indie publishing company that focuses on stories that help little people confront big challenges while inspiring creativity, vocabulary expansion, and further literary exploration. Dealing with challenging ideas such as promoting diversity, discovering your place in the world, facing self doubt, grief, bullying, building patience, and general life transitions, Daisy Moon Books strives to keep whimsical twists in each story that are as rich in wisdom as they are in aesthetic beauty and creativity. We believe in the power of a child's genius to absorb, detect, figure out, and make personal discoveries through literature and the world around them. Because of this, we confront each challenging scenario with vocabulary that will help them think and grow as a reader and an individual.

Our first book, "Completely Rainbow" by Amy Louise, was published in September 2016 and just won its first award from Royal Dragonfly Awards November 2016. Project #2 is in progress with an expected release date by March of 2017, and another by fall 2017.