Leather Protected by Dal Chemical - Made in the USA


Dal Chemical manufacturers a commercial grade Leather Protection. There is currently no other product on the market developed for the 5 in 1 coverage our product provides. Dal Chemical's Leather Protection is easy to apply with a one coat application for the following protections:
1. Ultra Violet Ray Protection
2. Leather Stain Protection
3. Water Proofing
4. Leather Enhancement
5. Leather Softener.

Our product can be used by many different types of business. The companies that can use our product are as follows:
A. Auto Dealers service counter
B. Motorcycle gift shop and service counter.
C. Big box stores.
D. Auto parts stores like Auto Zone.
E. Grocery stores.
F. Drug Stores.
G. Shoe stores.
H. Leather apparel stores.
J.  Online stores and many more outlets.

For more information about our company, product, and pricing please visit our website www.DalChemical.com.