After successfully launching his writing career with RARE ENDEAVORS   earlier this year, Dale has continued along this path and has recently penned a trilogy called The CIVILIZATION  TRILOGY.

This, CULTURALLY DIFFERENT, is the first book of the trilogy. Although the books can be read separately, this is not recommended. For a complete understanding of Janice Chapman's life, the reader needs to read the entire trilogy. In this, the first book of the trilogy, Janice travels to Thailand to take a needed rest from her career and life in general. She returns to Canada where she faces justice in BLIND EYE OF JUSTICE due out this spring only to return to Thailand in ORANGE SHIRTS  AGAIN  due out during the next holiday season.


Janice Chapman is a successful Canada business woman who has worked hard to get to where she is – COO of the company she works in. She is unexpectedly and unduly fired from her job by the Board of Directors in an effort spearheaded by one of them.

Unsure of what to do next, Janice decides to go to Thailand to find herself and define what she truly wants in life. While there, she falls in love. As she gets to know Thai culture and her new boyfriend, she becomes involved in a social activist movement. This leads to complications for everyone involved, especially Janice and her new boyfriend.

Will Janice find what she is looking for? Will the activist movement serve its purpose in obtaining social and economic equality for Thailand’s people? Or will things continue to become more complicated?