Dalmatian Corporation is the day job of a diverse collection of individuals comprised of one entrepreneurially inclined designer, one mechanical engineer, one business animal and a free-spirited support team whose raison d'etre is the creation of products that are always both useful and fun.

Our team contains individuals with diverse talents, philosophies and backgrounds all of whom feel that when our business is done right; everybody wins.

This diverse mix of individuals is keenly aware of our place in both the world economy and the global village, which makes us strive to create durable goods that are well designed.

With this philosophy behind our brands we avoid adding to the pile of disposable apparel that is wasting resources and generally junking up the planet.

The first question we ask in our design process:

   * Is it useful?

The second criteria is:

   * Is it durable?

And the third:

   * Will it make people happy?
     (is it FUN?)

...Seems like such a no-brainer we can't understand why all companies don't operate this way...