Dana Marie
Tarot Medium & Clairvoyant
(917) 686-7192

Extraordinarily vivid perception best describes Dana Marie's natural abilities.  Raised in the South Bronx, her uncanny "imagination" since early childhood blossomed into direct ethereal contact.  She learned at a young age to "roam freely" between the physical plane and various dimensions, otherwise known as astral traveling.  An insatiable appetite for knowledge launched her adulthood journey into metaphysics, amplifying sensitivity to vibrations, frequencies, and energies.

For two decades, Dana's understanding of universal laws has evolved into empowering seekers of inner light and truth. She intricately studied tarot mediumship by way of esoteric symbols, colors, and definitions from several card decks and tutorials.  Years later, Pythagorean numerology and Angel oracles became part of her repertoire.  Ordained by Universal Life Church as practicing spiritual consultant, she received Reiki certification from A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center by teacher Sam Daniels.

As trusted intuitive counselor with precise vision, Dana interprets karmic patterns and soul reasons behind past, present, and future roadmaps.  Detailed psychic information is essential to create and sustain positive outcomes according to best interests and highest good.  Her devoted attention effectively transforms constraining obstacles into boundless opportunities, renewed faith, and unlimited abundance. Although predictions are never etched in stone due to freewill choices, she provides necessary tools to help you choose paths for increasing awareness and revealing the unexpected.

How does Dana define her spiritual beliefs? "Past experiences with organized religion (especially fundamentalists) made me realize that a limited belief system was not part of my spiritual path and development. Truly comprehending universal principles is more important than dogmatic views. I do believe that through the ever-present Spirit, we all have gifts, abilities, and a willingness to do good through creative expression. Because we are spiritual beings, it contradicts divine nature to persecute, insult, or exclude beliefs and faiths. If our way of living is not out of love, peace, compassion, and wisdom, cosmic harmony fails to exist. By connecting with Higher Consciousness, one becomes fully aware of inner wellbeing. Furthermore, divination is simply an instrument that cannot produce any spirit on its own ("evil" or otherwise). It is actually the PERSON -- not the tool -- who can help or harm another."

Dana is director of The Enchanted Studio, based in New York City, where she gives private readings in-person or via telephone as well as classes and workshops. You can reach Dana at (917) 686-7192, her website www.IntuitiveDana.com or by e-mail info@intuitivedana.com.