The Diplomats of Dance Society is a new and growing association of young professionals and arts-interested Washingtonians who come together to celebrate dance, visual arts and culture in support of the internationally acclaimed Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company - Washington's premiere modern dance organization, and one that incorporates multiple artistic disciplines in their shows and work.

In a city that is an international hub as well as the nation's capital, DTSBDC brings a much needed cross-cultural perspective to the arts scene.  The company also brings together audiences from not only dance but the visual arts as well.

DTSBDC's all-original modern dance choreographies tell stories that cross the barriers of time and culture. Burgess's aesthetic is unique in that it is empathetic to our universal human condition.  He has been called the "poet laureate of Washington dance" and described as a "national dance treasure" by the Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Sarah Kaufman.  Burgess and his dancers have performed and taught around the world in the role of cultural envoy for the U.S. State Department.  They were the first-ever Smithsonian-resident dance company at The National Portrait Gallery, where as part of the historic "Dancing the Dream" exhibition, they held public rehearsals and performances from 2013 to 2014.

This is why it is the ideal dance company to be the nexus around which to organize new and longtime lovers of the arts, movement and culture.

Diplomats of Dance Society members are those who celebrate the role of contemporary dance in the arts community.  By supporting cultural diplomacy and the international touring of this unique dance company with an annual soirĂ©e event, Diplomats share their appreciation, curiosity and generosity while connecting with a critically acclaimed choreographer, dancers, other artists and friends and attending other events involving DTSBDC throughout the year.