Donna Long is now the owner of this company. I have been in sales, department manager, for about two years.I am 53 years of age, married, mother of three grown children. After being in the health field for over thirty years, it was very stressful, both mentally and physically, so I needed a change.

That is when I was led to go back to school to get my bachelor’s degree in e-commerce. As well as to start up my own business, on the internet.

I have received my GED, some college courses. I am creative, innovative, lots of common sense, and logical.

My goals are to start up, and succeed in my own business, to graduate, to make $1000.00+ a month in sales, to totally replace my previous income, and to supplement my husband’s, so he can take it a little easier. Also to be able to go on a vacation, that we haven’t had for many years.

My personal interests are: family, gardening, painting, sewing, crafts, community.

My Mission Statement: Our mission here at D & D Long Enterprises is to sell quality merchandise to our customers, without costing them a lot of money. We take great pride in our business, our products, and most of all our customers, and their happiness.