Human grooming is an assortment of techniques, performed with your nails and fingertips, that are used to unfold your skin.
Cutaneous folds are ignored by medicine, but they are the source of your ugliness, aging and most of your aches and pains.
Grooming proves that these folds can be unfolded and that the skin can regain its beauty, flexibility and painlessness.
You were supposed to groom all your life, and this omission explains how you look and feel today.

I’ve experimented several fold removal methods and I’ve refined the most effective.
The results are presented in these two videos:
Video – Human grooming rediscovered – https://youtu.be/g8IPpxkxEl4
Video – The pain is in the skin – https://youtu.be/RVHz0Max-EE
and on my website: http://www.daniellaberge.net/grooming/grooming.htm

Grooming resolves many health problems, from aches and pains to severe disabilities and nervous system disorders, that scientists couldn’t explain.
It proves that a big part of our understanding of skin, pain and aging is erroneous.
When you locate your pain inside your skin, you stop worrying about its origins.

How do you groom?
There are two main grooming techniques:
•"Pressure grooming"; you use short or long pressure strokes to crush the folds and flatten the skin.
•"Superficial grooming"; you rake dead skin cells of the top of your epidermis.
Your nails and fingertips are so sensitive that they can feel the folds within your skin.

Human grooming is 100% natural and free. Everybody is equipped to do it.
My findings revolutionize our understanding of pain, ugliness and aging, and the way we can treat them.
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Daniel Laberge