Helen Dao, MHA, is President and CEO of Jersey City-based Dao Management Consulting Services Inc., a firm known for building best practices and strategies for public health programs that serve multicultural communities.

Dao is a recognized expert in the field of intercultural communication in health care. She works with non-profit organizations such as the Epilepsy Foundation to remove the cultural and language barriers that minority and underserved individuals can face in health care.Dao’s expertise is in working with Latino, Asian Chinese, and Caribbean-non-Hispanic communities.

Dao has been a guest speaker for national organizations such as the National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) and the Epilepsy Foundation and serves on committees for the New York State Multicultural Advisory Council and the American Heart Association, among others. She has published several articles on cultural competency and the patient-centered medical home model.

Dao Consulting (http://www.daoconsultingservices.com) is recognized by the National Center for Cultural Competence at George Washington University Center for Child and Human Development, Washington DC, to provide consulting, technical assistance and cultural competency training for both non-profit and for-profit industries.