Tweak a Myriad of Windows Vista Features and Enhance its Performance Do you remember the last time you installed a new Operating System? Aside of the thrill of having something more beautiful and functional, try to remember what it was like to use a new interface and change your computer habits. Difficult? Yes. But the guys at Daoisoft think it doesn’t have to be that way now, at least for the users of Windows Vista. Daoisoft today announces the newest version of its Windows tweaker and optimizer, DTweak Pro, and reminds about the availability of a special discount on its acquisition in autumn. Designed specially for Windows Vista, DTweak offers you a powerful arsenal of tools and tweaks to enhance your computer’s performance, responsiveness and stability. It will also protect your privacy by cleaning computer and internet tracks and help you customize the look and feel of Windows to your preferences and computer habits. When you install a new Operating System, chances are it comes with many default settings that you may want to tweak to your needs, but it’s just for starters. Over time you have installed and uninstalled many programs, created and deleted lots more documents, and surfed hundreds of websites. All this leaves heaps of redundant files on the computer, posing your computer at risk of errors, system crashes and other problems. DTweak addresses all the challenges well. It’ll help you tweak many documented and undocumented options in Windows XP/Vista, remove redundant files, optimize system performance and ensure its stability. DTweak includes Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Disk Defragmenter, Hard Drives Monitor and many other tools, plus an impressive choice of optimization and customization tweaks for Firewall, Internet Explorer, Windows Media, Windows Mail and other applications coming in Windows Package. To use these tools and tweaks, you are not required to have technical knowledge or special skills. Beginners will love it. However it will also serve well for power users who can tweak many advanced parameters, such as CPU cache or I/O Cache Memory. DTweak is the first program of its kind to be specially tailored for the requirements of Windows Vista. It runs well on the new OS, providing you with the best computational experience ever! Pricing & Availability DTweak runs under Windows 2003/XP/Vista, but the complete set of its features is available only for the users of Windows Vista. For the duration of the autumn discount period, a single-user license costs $29.95(US) instead of $39.95 (US). Licensed customers are entitled to free lifetime updates. Additional information on DTweak, as well as its free evaluation copy, is available from . About Daoisoft Founded in 2006, Daoisoft is a privately-held development company, specializing in computer productivity software for Windows OS. Daoisoft is an author of such popular products as XTweak,HDD Observer, and DTweak.