Welcome to Darrell Hill

Darrell Hill is a business technology solutions and advisory firm.

Our mission is to build on going relationships based on the highest levels of integrity, service and performance. We take pride in offering excellent services and solutions to help our clients reach their automation goals.

What we do

We provide a unique blend of technology related professional services; consulting, solutions, resources and services to help businesses achieve their bottom line through planning, selecting and utilizing business technology. We specialise in working with individuals, mid-tier, corporate and fast growing companies using the right combination of services and solutions to deliver optimal business results while leveraging their in-house skills, and helping to increase return-on-investment for their business technology spend.

Our focus on Africa

We pay a great deal of attention on the use of technology to enable relationships and partnerships of GLOBAL businesses with individuals, groups and other businesses in Africa. Our e-Business aim is to contribute to the economic development of AFRICA by connecting market places that have special interest in Africa. We are embarking on a series of initiatives to ensure our aim is achieved.

Strategic Partnership

Our partnership strategy is focused on bringing world class to Africa. Developing strategic business relationships with companies based in America and Europe that provide key products and services extendable to the African market allows Darrell Hill to expand its ability to effectively serve its clients. Through strategic partnerships, our consultants deliver enhanced services, comprehensive solutions, and higher value.

This partnership is a co-operation or collaboration and may involve technology transfer (access to knowledge and expertise), business specialization, shared expenses and shared risk.

Contact Us if you have a world class product or service that can extend to Africa