My name is Will and I am the owner of Dashing Valet Dry Cleaning, specializing in Free Pick-Up and Delivery services for all your Dry Cleaning and Laundry needs. We provide a convenient valet service for busy professionals who cannot get to a Dry Cleaner due to time constraints. Our prices are very competitive and we provide next day service by request and at no charge. we provide quality work and were easy to work with. You can give us a try.

We provide reminder calls via Phone, email, text messaging, or instant messaging.
We clean rugs, tableclothes, drapes, leather, suede, linen, alterations, and executive wash and fold services.   We do it all.

We recycle your hangers and we'll even take your donations to salvation army for you and provide you with a receipt.  

Our service is really simple:
-First, we give you a yellow bag with a hook to place over your door, sort of like a glorified wreath hanger.
-Then we'll schedule a delivery date based off your proximity to our existing route service where most likely a neighbor of yours is already a customer.
-On Mondays, we'll check to see if you have a bag hanging on your hook and if you do we'll take it and if not we'll just head over to your neighbors home.
-When we deliver, it will arrive in a place just like you get it now from the Dry Cleaner, with a detailed invoice to tell you how much you spent and it's just that easy.