Currently, expensive commercial statistical software is the only source for developing fast time series forecasts reports.  Added on top of this, a company needs experienced programmers to write the code necessary to produce the analyses.  As well, a company needs savvy data scientists to compare many different models, peruse through the model output, determine the criteria for best model selection, and then select and interpret that model's results.  

PendulumRock Analytics, LLC has streamlined this process, making the final forecasts and statistical output extremely quick and cheap for the client.  The client simply needs to fill out an instrument forecast request form (IFRF) detailing the number of forecasts desired, the periodicity of the data (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly), and some additional information about the client's company.  

With this information, PendulumRock Analytics, LLC will produce the forecasts and deliver the following: a spreadsheet file of the forecasts formatted as a data frame, a word file containing the same forecasts in tabular format, and a word file containing the statistical analysis report.