The Tactical Adjustment System uses a Ballistic Data Disk housed in a robust polycarbonate unit. It uses no batteries, electronics or software and is tough enough to provide information in conditions where electronic units could fail at mission critical moments.

The Ballistic Data contained on the interchangeable disc is matched to a specific ammunition - rifle combination to give accurate shot placement at ranges up to and beyond 1200 yards. Because of the specific matching of data used in the calculations and contained on the disc, the TAS is of no value to an enemy if lost in an operational theatre unless they have access to the exact rifle and ammunition combination.

The Unit uses a combination of ballistic information and real time data to produce scope setting which are entered by the shooter.

The unit is impervious to water, mud, sand and debris and is unaffected by extremes of temperature and the inevitable rough handling in operational conditions. The TAS is always ready for work.