Celebrity Chef  and Motivational Speaker David Catapano starts his nationwide tour  "Sell like Sam I am" . He uses the teachings of Dr Suess' Classic book "Green Eggs and Ham" and delivers an inspiring, funny take your breath away type performance.

He starts with his usually motivational methods. Telling everyone that will listen that he is "King of the mountain" David shares his compelling story of how he overcame being homeless, a high school dropout and an amputee to becoming one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the country. He speaks not only about his struggles and successes but provides invaluable advice on how anyone can change their life and reach their full potential.

Mr Catapano will be returning as the featured speaker of the National Direct Sales convention in Las Vegas, Nevada for 2015

His much anticipated book "By the Skin of my teeth" Starts off with a line that best describes David Catapano's attitude: "I didn't come to bow. I came to conquer."

In 2013 he released the first 3 Chapter of "By the skin of my teeth"  in a short story anthology titled. "Short, not sweet."

For more information on how to book David Catapano or his tour dates
You can visit his Website www.DavidCatapano.com