After a career in Marketing and Business Communications, David Gittlin created Entelligent Entertainment, a production company dedicated to the development of stories that come from the heart and explore the human dilemma.

Our stories have thus far chronicled the vast potential human life     holds for meaning and joy. They portray the every day miracles that can be achieved with the power of the human spirit.

Where the work will go from here is an open question. The only map we use to chart our direction is a compelling feeling that the story needs to be told.

David Gittlin studied screenwriting and novel writing at UCLA. His three feature length scripts: "Love Will Find You," TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) and "A Prescription for Happiness" have reached the finals and placed in major screenplay competitions. He has authored two novels.  His first novel, a science fantasy thriller titled "Three Days to Darkness" is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and iTunes. His second novel, "Scarlet Ambrosia will be published in the fourt quarter of 2014.

To date, Entellegint Entertainment has produced short films based on Mr. Gittlin's feature length scripts.

"Love Will Find You" enjoyed a World Premiere screening at the Muvico Parisiene Theatre at City Place in West Palm Beach     as an official selection of the Palm Beach International Film Festival. The film was also broadcast on WHDTV in West Palm Beach as part of their "Screening Room" series hosted by Brian Content.

"The Palomino Club" is based on Mr. Gittlin’s unusual feature length script entitled T.G. I. M. (Thank God It’s Monday.) The feature length script combines Comedy, Drama, and Fantasy elements into a heart warming story about self discovery and self determination. “The Palomino Club” completed post production in early September, 2006. The film is currently being submitted to major US film festivals with screening schedules in 2007.