David Maillie has been a sales trainer, success coach and motivational speaker for many years and unlike most motivational speakers was actually one of the best in his profession - one of the best salespeople in the world in any niche.  He set records that won't be broken for many, many years. David Maillie has coached and trained thousands of sales people, business people and people from all walks of life to improve their lives and attain their dreams by applying tried and tested techniques.  Once applied these techniques easily enable people to far exceed the competition and to achieve the previously thought impossible.  Unlike most motivational coaches or sales trainers, David Maillie does not give a few tips and then try to lure people into attending high-cost seminars or buying his books and DVDs.  He instead believes in what Jesus said in the Bible - "you have been freely given and you are to freely give to others."  As you will see in his videos on YouTube there is no advertising, no links to buy his books or DVDs, nor are there any sales pitches or calls that you have to attend an expensive seminar to get the rest of the information.  It's all there, free for anyone to watch and learn from 24 hours a day.  You can also go to his website at DavidMaillie.com and read his helpful posts and watch his videos there also.