Digital Media Executive | Cannapreneur | Mid/Large Scale Startup Developer

I specialize in creating new enterprise and providing visionary skills that greatly expand market potential and create new market segments for my clients. I am the new Vice President of Digital Marketing at Twin Falls Biotech, LLC, which owns the ArisiTol brand Cannabidiol CBD Health Supplement and others. I have a strong history in developing headline news networks, radio networks and visual content distribution platforms. I also hand build complete turnkey business platforms, websites/solutions for Senate and House Representatives, product based startups, law firms, specialized medical practices, Nashville/Houston/Los Angeles Entertainment Media, etc.

I take great pride helping others plan, design and create new businesses. I enjoy partnering in startups and bringing more robust goals within reach for a lot of very excited people. Share your needs and vision - let's work together!

VP Digital Marketing - Twin Falls Biotech, LLC
All-natural botanical Cannabidiol CBD specific relief from PTSD, MS, Arthritis, RA, OA, Inflammation, Pain, Stress, Aging, Degenerative Macular/Brain/Spine Diseases

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Membership & Marketing - ICOMR
International Cannabidiol Organization of Manufacturers and Research

Executive Director/Biz Dev. - Foundation Media, LLC
Headline News Organization Dedicated to Journalistic Integrity
Also Print & Documentary Films

Legal News Editor | Web Developer - Stafne Trumbull, LLC

Partnership Proposals, Insider Opportunities, Advertising Rates, Full Executive Summaries and Statistical Analysis Available to Parties With Serious Offers - Upon Request

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