Men's Movement Community is an online transformational learning community. Through our online platform, we do provide free and paid transformational learning opportunities to men about the most relevant subjects: health, relationships, psychology, divorce, and surviving past traumas. We will also have courses on specific skills available.

We are about the development of boys and men, and the families and the society around them. We believe in the progress of how men operate in the world. Our understanding is that one of the most effective ways to bring about this change is to provide fast and easy support and learning opportunities to all men, all over the world.

NGO's are welcome to develop and invite their members to use the platform for free if the courses are free for the end user. We welcome all organization working with boys, men, and young men to develop your content and run your course for free on Mensmovement.com.

One of the main benefits using our platform is the scalability and the site speed. Our servers are located in New York we can provide excellent page speeds in the US.