Customized Wealth management for individuals and institutions.  Coordination of tax, accounting, trust, estate, charitable giving and financial planning matters.  Over 25 years of service as trusted financial partners.  Over $500 million under management.  Advising Individuals and institutional clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic since 1987.  Registered Investment Advisors with the SEC.  

Our Philosophy

Equity Investment Philosophy

We’re with you for the long-term. We don’t chase the latest trends; instead, we buy stocks in companies that have favorable long-term outlooks.

Just like each client is unique, each investment solution is unique. We tailor our investment solutions to feet each individual client.

We like to be creative when it comes to crafting a portfolio strategy that works for you but, when it comes to security and sell decisions, we’re disciplined rule followers.

While the stock market has inherent risk from year to year, we work to eliminate a portfolio’s diversifiable risk.

Price and Quality Matter.
We work to get you the best stocks for the least amount of money.
Fixed Income Investment Philosophy

We employ a fixed income strategy which seeks to maximize returns while limiting credit and interest rate risks.

Investment Grade.
Davidson & Garrard generally invests only in U.S. Treasuries, government agencies and investment grade corporate or municipal bonds.

Bonds are usually laddered, with maturities limited to ten years.