Dayco, a well known retail broking firm with a long history of success in West Bengal, is all set to educate middle class citizens on the nitty gritties of share trading and stock market investments with their new website, which came online on November 11, 2015. The firm offers a wide variety of services under one roof, making it easy for clients to make different types of investments in a hassle free manner. With this new website, they want to ensure that clients are already knowledgeable about the working principles of the sector they wish to invest in, so that they are aware of not only the chances of making profits, but also of the risks involved.

Among the USPs of Dayco’s latest venture are the vast number of choices in services they are set to offer, which include:

Stock broking (They are members of both NSE and BSE)
Depository services (through NSDL)
Mutual Funds (They are partnered with UTI Mutual Funds)
Insurance (The company is a corporate agent with SBI Life Insurance)
Ezee-Will services (through NDML)
KYC service provider for capital markets (NDML KRA)
Adhaar card enabled KYC
Exchange-traded fund (also referred to as ETF)
Bonds, and many more

Apart from these, Dayco is also set to help clients invest in National Pension System services soon, in a bid to help them build secure futures, not just for themselves, but also for their future generations. The investments managed by the firm do not allow for any POA system, but only permit cash market trading. This makes the legal formalities involved a lot simpler and easier for citizens to understand and deal with. That, in turn, also makes citizens more receptive towards the idea of making investments, which are often thought of as complex processes  that need to be managed by bankers and lawyers collaboratively.

All profits made by clients from investments managed by Dayco are directly transferred to the investors’ Demat accounts and payments are made through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) system, which ensures completely secure transactions. This helps the firm to vastly reduce the risk of investor grievance and make the middle class citizens more receptive towards the idea of investing money in stocks and mutual funds.

With this new website, Dayco plans to introduce salaried employees in organisations like banks, corporate sector companies, PSUs, schools, colleges and universities. They also want to focus more on owners of small businesses, and anyone else, who wants a steady stream of residual income on a regular basis.

For more information about the firm in general, interested visitors please visit the Facebook page and the website of the Organization.