DeKalb Kids Project Incorporated (DKP) is a non-profit organization (501(c)3 that takes immense pride in our mission to create projects and opportunities geared toward today’s youth that will challenge and inspire them to become future leaders in our community. Our passion and devotion for the youth is fueled by our vision of bridging the gap between their homes, the community, and the school system. DeKalb Kids Project Inc. utilizes a more hands-on approach with empowering our youth such as the following:

Providing life skills training and giving behavioral assistance to at-risk youth.
Enhancing the students’ confidence and self-esteem by encouraging academic excellence and endorsing community involvement.
Providing real world experiences and opportunities that enrich students’ lives by giving them the freedom of creativity and self-expression, while teaching the importance of good decision-making skills.

DeKalb Kids Project Inc. focuses on academic excellence and improving student performance. We travel throughout DeKalb County, Ga. recognizing students that show academic improvements.