Here's a description of the book:     A secret Israeli assassination team has been operating in the United States to take out terrorists before they strike.  They deal with radicals that the Americans haven’t yet discovered or don’t have the stomach to deal with themselves.  
Meanwhile, in the course of Mossad’s worldwide fight against terror, a plot is uncovered to smuggle a weapon of mass destruction into the United States from Mexico.  Mossad knows only that the bomb will be brought over via a secret drug smuggling tunnel along the El Paso / Juarez border.  Having warned the Americans, who do not take the threat seriously, and wanting to stop the next great terror attack on United States soil, Avi Dayan and his cohorts are tasked with finding and stopping the lone operative who will bring this weapon over.  The only way they can expect to succeed is by locating the tunnel he will use.
    Out of their element and with few resources, the three Israelis tangle with drug dealers, border patrolmen, and a cartel kingpin while looking for a tunnel that Homeland Security doesn’t believe exists.
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