Founded in 2006, the Tampa Bay, Florida based company Debacle ENT, LLC is a nationally recognized, multifaceted hospitality marketing, advertising, management and consulting group. Unique in their blend of corporate professionalism and industry experience, Debacle ENT has become known as one of the most cutting-edge organizations of its kind.

The many personalities that make up Debacle ENT are always dedicated to delivering a unique customer experience, always setting trends and making lasting impressions.

Within the company framework exist several divisions: nightlife operations, marketing, event production, VIP services, street promotion, graphic design, photography and video production. By keeping every facet of their operation in house, it allows them to achieve and maintain a superior level of creativity, productivity and execution which stands unrivaled.

As one of the areas top hospitality promotions companies, Debacle ENT continues to be an innovator in a perpetually changing industry. The status quo is not acceptable when you are in the business of ‘customer reactions’, therefore, they continuously raise the bar for service and customer expectation, always striving to elevate the customer experience.

Debacle ENT has garnered the respect and patronage of many respected VIP guests, mainly due to their continuing commitment to providing guests with cutting edge establishments and first-class entertainment on the forefront of style and trends.

Debacle ENT has built a well rounded team that can handle all facets of hosting premier events. Debacle ENT focuses on detail from initial concept, design, and project management. From launch they focus on publicity, marketing and ongoing operations.

Look to Debacle ENT to exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a grand opening launch, premiere weekly, monthly or one time event, Debacle ENT will deliver. Via an extensive number of close industry contacts, Debacle ENT has the ability to secure some of the best talent from around the world; everything from DJ’s and entertainers to celebrity hosts.

‘Enjoy The Night’.