When was the last time you thought...."If I had time, I'd _______?"​ It's time to do it. I want to help you get to that item on your list that you've wanted to do for so long (even if that item is just a day doing nothing). You have too much to do and too little time with which to do it. The errands pile up and YOU are WORKING ALL THE TIME and you are NOT enjoying your life. Life is short!

I am here to help YOU live your life. I perform everything from everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, or even waiting at your home for the cable guy; to shopping for corporate or personal gifts, addressing invitations or greeting cards, I can be relied upon to do what needs to be done, when you need it to be done. I can do this for YOU or for a loved one. After working in corporate american as an executive for years, I know what stress is. I can be depended upon to lower your stress levels.

I do this so that YOU CAN:

* Go play tennis
* Know that your mom/dad/pet/other dependent is cared for
* GO ON VACATION- and I'll watch the house, dropping in to check on it and collect your mail


My services are an excellent choice for:

•     BUSY SINGLES, COUPLES, AND FAMILIES who want to free up more time for loved ones.
•     EXECUTIVES who need to offload a few of their many responsibilities.
•     SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS who are stretched too thin to work efficiently.
•     BRIDES & GROOMS who want to enjoy making wedding plans, without the stress.
•     COLLEGE STUDENTS & PARENTS who would like an assistant for the little things that keep
students from studying.
* AGING ADULTS who need help with grocery shopping, organizing, and errands.

Let me make your days easier. I'm Deb, Owner of Deb at Your Service and I'm waiting to hear from you.