Breaking the Chains Foundation (BTCF) is a unified global non-profit foundation focusing on art as the process to unmask the stigma of individuals affected by eating disorders and negative body image.

To shift our culture towards one that supports our endeavor, we raise awareness about challenges and opportunities, advocate for prevention and recovery services, educate, and work to de-stigmatize eating disorders. To support people in their individual pursuit of mental health or recovery from an eating disorder, we offer creative workshops, live performances, online interactive programs, music live streams, program & informational livestreams, campaigns, featured artist blogs, videos, films, books, events, guest speakers, information, and resources.

Raising Awareness: We see beyond what is on the outside but focus on what it feels like on the inside. To change the face of eating disorders, we need to change the conversation. Art is inspiration; it inspires. Art speaks to our need to reveal, heal, and transform. With tools of self-expression through a variety of art forms, one can explore their innermost thoughts and feelings where limitless potential soars and thrives.

Education, Intervention, Prevention: BTCF is a team of devoted, creative, and value-driven professionals from the fields of mental health, health, business, and the arts. Our programs are unique. Our messages go outside the box to change the conversation and inspire healing. We are responding by transforming research and personal stories through all avenues of art and artistry.

Recovery & Self-Discovery: We believe full recovery is possible and achievable! Eating Disorders aren't diets or lifestyle choices. While it looks and feels different for every person, the goal is for everyone to be able to access their personal strengths and align actions with their unique values. Being “recovered” is the goal!

One by one, hand in hand, we champion the rediscovery of self-love, self-acceptance, and respect - sharing a healing journey that will break the chains, one link at a time.