Breaking the Chains Foundation is committed to the prevention of body-focused and mental well-being stigmas. Our mission is to use the power of art and expression to foster creativity, build connections, and create a community in which individuals can thrive. We do this by transforming research and personal stories into artistic programs aimed at increasing self-love, self-esteem, self-compassion, and self-awareness. Tapping into those internal strengths and protective factors can greatly enhance mental, physical, and emotional health. Whereas experiencing the stigma of mental health struggles, isolation, and the pressures of body-focused societal messages are examples of links in the chains that bind us. Our programs and advocacy are designed to Break these Chains!

We advocate for the prevention of body-focused and mental health stigma and work to support people in their pursuit of mental wellness. We offer creative workshops, live performances, online programs, music live-streams, campaigns, featured artist blogs, videos, films, books, events, guest speakers, information, and resources. We believe that positive body image, health, and self-love are possible, regardless of shape, size, race, age, or gender. Furthermore, we believe in full freedom from eating and body image issues.

-To break the chains of negative body image, disordered eating, related mental health issues, and the stigma associated with each.
- To provide resources for those looking to “link” with others on their healthy mental and emotional wellness journeys.
- To change the conversation around and stigma attached to body-image struggles and related mental health issues (e.g., eating disorders).
- To see beyond what is on the outside, but rather focus on the inside.